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4/28/19 - Moving On

The past 6 weeks have been an absolute whirlwind, so much so it's been all we can do to keep up some days.

Six weeks ago, with much thought but with no hesitation, my husband and I resigned from our position as Caretakers of a private Adirondack great camp. This would have been our seventh season there but we felt it would be best for our future to continue following our dream as small business owners.

With the huge growth Life in the ADK has had over the past 2 years, first online and now online + a physical store, we feel it best to focus our time and effort there.

What kept replaying in my head is the following quote:

Build your own dream

I've worked on other people's dreams most of my life. It's time I work on my own.

While being a Caretaker in the Adirondacks has its perks, owning and working at Life in the ADK has more.

A lot more.

Life in the ADK is my passion, it's my heart and soul and it's where I want to be for many years to come. I love every minute of every day there. It's amazing!

My husband says "Michelle has never met a stranger, only friends she's yet to be introduced to!"

He gets me. 

I absolutely LOVE meeting everyone that comes in and hearing all the ADK stories people tell me, often times dating back generations. It's fascinating to learn about the connection people have to this area.

So after we turned in our resignation, I finished up working at McCauley Mountain where I'm a bartender during the winter months as the shop is only open on Saturdays. Then we started packing. We were happy with having over a month to pack/move and drag the process out a bit as not to be so rushed.

Then we got the call about Titan, who by the way is doing amazing since he had his surgery. One of the Vets at Cornell called yesterday afternoon (Saturday) saying that his bladder blood work came back and is showing two infections in his system. One of them is resistant to his current antibiotic so they're going to prescribe him another antibiotic. We'll pick it up Monday and get him started.

As well as he's doing, we're only killing half the infections at this point due to the resistant one not wanting to play nice, but now that we've got new meds on order, we'll get it taken care of.

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We're still waiting to hear back about what type of stones they removed. This will give us the dietary change information we need.

Again, I cannot thank everyone enough for the thoughts, prayers, kind words of encouragement and generosity. You all are amazing and I want to hug each and every one of you!

So back to the story.......

Titan took us off track and we ended up not having as much time as previously planned, but it all came together this week and we brought over our last load a few hours ago.

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We moved from a secluded Caretakers apartment that very few people have lived in or even been to  - to a well known house in a well known location that most locals have been to multiple if not lots of times.

Where we lived at before we would get drop in visitors 1-3 times a year. We've already doubled that in our first 2 days here. We don't mind at all, it's just different.

There are a lot of things different here. Like having fast internet. 

We have a smart TV that we've never been able to use as one because we haven't had the bandwidth. That won't be a problem anymore.

And did you know that the emoticons on Facebook are animated when you move over them? I had no clue - lol.

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Now we're less than a mile and a half from the shop whereas before I was driving almost 35 miles each way. I put over 35,000 miles on my car last year. I'm sure it's looking forward to some rest.

I can also go get something to eat and return within minutes and the food is still hot! Before it was an hour minimum if you went anywhere other than The Tap Room. 

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I went to Kinney's yesterday and a lady said as I was walking by, "Did you get moved into Mirnie's yet?" I have no idea who she was or how she knows me except the everyone knows everything about everybody in a small town.

I've had more than one person tell me "I grew up in that house" and then recall multiple stories of their love of the house and the people in it.

Moving into a house where everyone feels it's a part of them is a great thing. Not only is the family protective of it, but so is the community, and so will we be also.

Since I did not grow up here and did not know of the house or the family prior to moving in, I LOVE hearing all the stories and hope to continue to hear many more during our time here.

I'll share some of them with you in a later blog but for now I just wanted to update you as to what's going on currently.

May today be the beginning of an awesome week for you!


Much Love & Gratitude,


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  • Mary Sanders Shartle on

    Way to go. I’ve neen in freefall several times in my life and find it exhilarating.

  • Mary Blanchard on

    Congratulations on your new home and I know you and Dave will have wonderful, excellent adventures ahead!!

  • Peg Minnick on

    So nice to read and learn about your life changes. We will miss you at camp but know you will be doing what makes you happy.

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