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4/16/19 - The Southern Yankee First Blog

So after the crazy shit show that followed the post I made about Titan yesterday I decided to create a blog that is just for me personally. One where I can give a more personal insight to the real experience of living here in the ADK. One where I can say 'shit show' and not care about those that seem to fall over themselves to tell me "That's not what I would expect to see on an ADK page"

If you were here right now, you would see me roll my eyes. 

This page is about life that happens in addition to the trees, beautiful sunsets, loons and bear tracks etc.. A page where I can really say what I'm thinking and not have to be so 'correct' all the time. 

Most of you get that fact that I find it difficult to separate myself from Life in the ADK. I am it, it is I and the line where we are separate is fuzzy and faded at best. That is of course until I call someone Darlin', then it's pretty apparent that my Alabama roots are showing, lol. 

Here I can keep you updated on Titan and share some awesome stories about the HUGE learning curve I experienced by going from the ALA to the ADK. You can choose if that's something you want to look at and be part of or not - win/win.

I'll post links to new blogs on the Life in the ADK Facebook page as they are written. If you want to click and read - awesome, if you don't then you have that option. I'm trying to be accommodating to the group as a whole with the understanding that some of you just walk around looking for reasons to be irritated and offended. Fortunately the majority of our followers aren't like that.

So stay tuned - I'll write my first real blog in the next day or so. Feel free to comment or ask questions in the comment section below. Know I read all responses on all our social media outlets and respond to as many as I can. This may make that even easier.

I look forward to sharing my stories and getting to know you guys in the process.


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  • Michele on

    From Alabama to the Adks? What culture shock! :)

  • Tammy A on

    Never could understand why people feel the need to tell everyone that they are offended. Just skip what you don’t like reading. No one is making you read anything. There’s not a test on it later. I hope that Titan continues to get better!

  • Karen on

    Woot woot!!! Let it roll girl!

  • Sandra Monhollen on

    Your, " THE HEAT , " girlfriend

  • Val P. on

    My glass is always half full and I love your posts. Having been born and raised up there I visit as often as I can. Keep up the good work and don’t spend a second thinking on the naysayers, they aren’t worth the effort! 💖💖

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