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6/18/19 - Letting Her Go -

I asked for a few extra minutes to be with her and was told I could have all the time I needed. I lay there holding her and cried. Her fur always so soft, her eyes always so kind. My sweet girl. She had such a rough start in this life, and we did the best we could. 

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4/28/19 - Moving On -

The past 6 weeks have been an absolute whirlwind, so much so it's been all we can do to keep up some days. Six weeks ago, with much thought but with no hesitation, my husband and I resigned from our position as Caretakers of a private Adirondack great camp. This would have been our seventh season there but we felt it would be best for our future to continue following our dream as small business owners.

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4/23/19 - The Throwaway Dog -

Ever notice how animals and people who've been through a lot are more grateful than animals and people who've been catered too and had it easy? 

You think that's coincidence? Yet we still wish our life was easy? Really?

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4/20/19 - Titan Update -

The moment they mention euthanization, my husband broke down in tears. Not quiet little tears but big manly GI Joe tears. He said he couldn't do it. He said he knew we really didn't have that kind of money but he believed we could figure a way out of this so that Titan didn't have to die due to lack of money. 

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4/16/19 - The Southern Yankee First Blog -

So after the crazy shit show that followed the post I made about Titan yesterday I decided to create a blog that is just for me personally. One where I can give a more personal insight to the real experience of living here in the ADK. One where I can say 'shit show' and not care about those that seem to fall over themselves to tell me "That's not what I would expect to see on an ADK page"

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