Thank You!

4/27/2020 - Thank You!

I just wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU for your support during this time! Your support has come in many forms and ALL of them are appreciated. Some of you have left kind comments, some have sent notes and cards and some have purchased things from our online store. 

This is a weird and unprecedented time for us all to say the least. We are each in the same storm but different boats. 

Some boats are able to get unemployment to ride this storm out. I am one of many that as a small business owner and as someone who has never had unemployment benefits have been unable to wade through the plethora of red tape in order to receive those benefits, not even now.

Traditionally business owners have not been able to claim unemployment but they changed those rules but were not prepared for the onslaught of increased demand and so it's been a constant struggle for many of us to get through, and many have not been able to get through still.

Then they created loans for business to take advantage of but larger corporations came in and took out loans by the millions, leaving nothing for the smaller businesses such as mine. 

A tiny business like mine could have been helped greatly with far less than half of 1% of what corporations like Ruth Chris took.

To say it's been a struggle is an understatement but your financial support of Life in the ADK by continuing to purchase items from our online shop has allowed us to keep the lights on as well as food on the table and for that I will be forever grateful to each of you on this amazing page.


Check us out @ Life in the ADK


Michelle, Dave & Titan

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    I would love if you were to offer some hats, or t shirts with the “social distancing since 1892” on them.

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