Moose River Farm

10/31/19 - Moose River Farm

This week's Travel Tuesday trip led us to Moose River Farm in Old Forge. I had heard about it, had people come into the shop requesting llama charms for their bracelet to commemorate their visit to MRF, but had never been there myself.

We usually input all the Travel Tuesday suggestions into a Google name generator and allow our destination to be chosen randomly, but Moose River Farm had been suggested several times last year and when I saw it as a suggestion again this year, we decided to choose it as our destination place for this week and go check it out!

All I knew prior to today is that it was a farm, close to Old Forge and that they have llama’s you can walk. I had no way of knowing how much fun it was going to be or how much I would learn in the process.

Mama Bluff and Baby Lloki

Two of our four grown children liked this idea so much that they decided to join us so it turned into a family day which was nice because as anyone with grown children knows, family days can be few and far between.

Daughter Layla with Cappuccino

Bonus son Mac with Cappuccino

To get to Moose River Farm you turn down Rondaxe Road (between Inlet and Old Forge) and drive until the paved road stops and then drive just a smidge more.

NOTE: You have to have a reservation to tour the farm or participate in the llama trek. Please do not randomly show up as this is also their home.

When we pulled in, owner Anne Phinney was bringing horses out of the barn to release them into the pasture with goose Cappuccino trotting behind her as the one man band welcoming committee.

My husband is deathly afraid of horses but Anne talked to him about horses in such a way that it made sense to him and he was able to pet and hang out with most every horse on the farm. Until our trip to MRF he had never agreed to be within an arms reach to any horse he met, including mine, lol.

Husband Dave nervously conquers his fear

Anne is a retired teacher from TOW schools and has lived on the 77 acre farm with her husband Rod for over 15 years. She is the author of two books “Finding My Way To Moose River Farm” and “They Teach Without Words

Finding my way to moose river farm      They teach without words

She is amazing to talk to. A natural born teacher, she's personable, knowledgeable, and you can tell that this place is her life. She knows the personalities of every animal, knows all of their stories and holds the memories of the animals both past and present in her heart.

Anne with Cappuccino

Anne with Bravo and Adonis 

Anne hugging Bing

Anne loving on Bing

Anne teaching young Lloki to walk on a lead

Anne talking to my husband Dave about horses with Lowtchee

Prior to getting the llamas on the farm she used to teach horseback riding and Equi-Reflection™. She still does both of these things but in my opinion what the llamas have done is make her farm more accessible to all levels of ability and all backgrounds of people.  

Majik with straw on her adorable face


Me with Bluff and Lloki


Family fun on a llama trek

Lloki running to catch up

My family

In a nutshell, our time at Moose River Farm was amazing! I know that sounds corny or maybe I’m supposed to say that, (but you know I wouldn't), it was truly awesome! Once you experience it yourself you’ll agree with me. (be sure to use hashtag #howiplayintheadk so I can see your photos).

As of this writing, the cost to tour the farm is $10.00 per person and the llama trek is $25.00. Well worth every. single. dollar.

To schedule your own trek (they're open all year round) call (315) 369-3854 or text (315) 240-4740 and be sure to add them to the pages you follow.

I always ask ‘what was your favorite part?’ about anything we do so when we left the farm we went to lunch and talked about our favorite things of the day.

Dave (husband)  - interacting with the horses, especially Secretariat’s grandson Eassu
Mac (Bonus Son) – Cappuccino the goose
Layla (Daughter) – Learning the stories behind the farm and the animals
Alan (Daughter’s BF) – Anne the owner was my favorite part. How informative she was, how well she answered all the questions, “I bet she was a great teacher, she still is.”
Me – All the above!

This was an unexpected amazing experience to have and to share with my husband and children. If you want to experience something new, if you want to do something different, if you want to learn something you didn’t know, if you’re tired of doing the same thing every time you’re in town, if you want an experience the entire family can share in, if you like being in nature, THIS is the place to be!

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