Changes with Life in the ADK

1/15/18 - Changes with Life in the ADK

We've implemented a few changes starting in 2018!

For starters we've dropped the "S" and it is now Life in the ADK! 

Secondly we've expanded items on the website and will be continually doing so over the next several weeks as new products come in.

Lastly, but most excitedly, starting this year we have implemented a Gifts that Give Back program and will be donating 20% of all proceeds to non-profit organizations that benefit those inside the Blue Line and YOU get to choose where YOUR proceeds go!

This year we've chosen 11th Hour Canine Rescue and Raquette Lake Fire Department as our first organizations to work with.

Click here to read more about these organizations.

When you shop with us online you will see a box that says "Give my proceeds to" and a drop down box that will allow you to choose either 11th Hour Canine Rescue or the Raquette Lake Fire Department.

By default, proceeds will automatically be split evenly between the two for anyone that doesn't choose.

Initially we were going to wait until we found a suitable physical store before we implemented our "Gifts that Give Back" program but we have decided to move forward with it while we are still web based.

Looking down the road... We are actively looking for a physical location. We are in no rush and know that the right place will find us in the right time.

When this happens we would like to increase the percentage we give back to our Adirondack communities as well as increase the number of non-profits we are able to help in a given year. 

But for right now, we'll start with where we are and do what we can with what we have!

Individually we may not be able to make a difference, however collectively we can greatly improve the communities we all love so much!

So what do you think about our Gifts That Give Back program? Do you know of any Adirondack non-profits that could benefit by this? Let us know!

As always,

Thank you for your continued support of our vision!

Life in the ADK

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  • Carl Heise on

    I placed an order about a month ago. Have received nothing at this time. It was a birthday present for feb 23rd. Please let me know when I might get it thanks

  • Lisa Hopsicker on

    How fantastic!!! You guys are amazing, Michelle! I will be shopping soon!

  • Adam on

    Sounds exciting! Best of luck!

  • Tess Lecuyer on

    I love the directed support for Adk non-profits!! May I suggest Camp Little Notch as one such – a tiny ex-GS non-profit children’s camp that helps teach our future leaders to love and value the beautiful Adirondack outdoors! You can check out the FB page or review the website at Thanks again for the Good work!

  • Beth Luvera on

    Outstanding. Thank you for leading the charge to give back to so many.

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